Indiana Jones reappears on handhelds, a part of me dies

GamePro (via PEGI) is reporting that Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings is back, only this time in handheld form. PEGI, an European entity responsible for rating videogames, recently listed the title for the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS. Lucas Arts originally announced the game in 2005 for next-gen platforms.

Lucas Arts was probably a little too bit busy with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to bother with Indiana Jones. Even though I should be excited that the title has popped back up, I don’t want it in my hands. I would rather see Indy in all his glory on a console, considering that I don’t sit in the back of a car enough to truly enjoy the blessing of a handheld device.

I recently asked my PSP what it thought about the possibility of having Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings and it said, “Wait, Indiana Jones is still relevant? Where do you get this stuff, Brad?”

I guess it was just as disappointed with the latest sequel as I was.

Brad BradNicholson