Independently owned stores to join the R4 ban bandwagon

Several UK independent videogame retailers are joining the London-based Entertainment Retailers Association in the R4 sales ban. It seems that the popularity of the piracy-friendly device has snatched away DS software sales revenue.

Since the appearance of these cards we have noticed a downturn in the sale of our DS games,” said indie shop owner Steve Pooler to MCV. “It is frustrating as we could make decent margins on the DS. Sadly this has now been eroded with the growth of these cards.”

In my experience, it seems that the only place to find an R4 is in these independently owned game stores. If the rest of the world follows the example of these stores it may be even more difficult to find an R4 or any other similar devices. 

Of course, the one store that bravely continues to sell R4s stand to make a serious profit, as these bans will only increase demand. 

ERA Representative Kim Bayley said: “We expected that the piracy suffered by movies and music would make its way to games, and it’s something we all need to get a grip on.

Do you think Nintendo and retail associations will ever get a handle on the sales of these devices? 

[Via CVG]

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