In case you were wondering, this is what gaming on a 269-inch screen looks like

If you are heavily into electronics and cannot stand to be jealous of anyone, at any time, I advise you to leave now before it’s too late.

Gizmodo’s Adam Frucci recently got to appear as a guest on CollegeHumor’s videogame show, Bleep Bloop, where he had the chance to play some Xbox 360 games on a 269″ television. Here are his results.

The screen, which is comprised of 21 projectors aimed at 42 mirrors, is an astounding 11 feet tall and 120 feet long. Since the screen is not designed with games in mind, the gang was only able to play on a portion of the full thing; as you can see in the picture above, a “portion” of the full size is still f***ing insane.

I find it kind of funny that one of the games they decided to play was Mirror’s Edge, what with the whole motion sickness thing and all. I’m not entirely sure I could stand to see it in motion for more than a few seconds without projectile vomiting, but that’s just me.

Jordan Devore
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