Immortals Fenyx Rising’s first major DLC is out today

‘A New God’

Immortals Fenyx Rising has been chilling for a little over a month now: which is like…five years in Ubisoft time! That means DLC is inevitably on the way: it already launched, in fact!

As stated by Ubisoft, you do not need to complete the gargantuan campaign to jump into A New God, which is slowly becoming the norm for a lot of these massive open world titles. In some instances, games will even give you the chance to create whole new auto-leveled-up characters to dive into the DLC with. It will have “story spoilers for the conclusion,” however.

The add-on will focus on Vaults of Tartaros-esque challenges, but with a brighter aesthetic. Here’s the rundown of what it entails: “new vaults, new types of puzzles, and godly new gear.” If you want to see what the DLC is like, Ubisoft gave us a detailed and lengthy playthrough yesterday: you can watch the archived video below.

Chris Carter
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