Immortal Redneck, a wacky roguelite FPS, is free-to-keep on GOG

Immortal Redneck free

September 5 is the deadline

Immortal Redneck might not ring a bell, but it’s free on PC, and it’s worth checking out. You’ve got until 6:00 a.m. Pacific on Monday, September 5 to add it to your GOG library. There’s a “claim” button on GOG’s front page, and you’ll need to sign into your account.

This is an ancient-Egypt-themed FPS that’s aiming for the old-school, fast-paced Doom crowd while also working in a modern roguelite progression system like Rogue Legacy.

Expect mythological shootouts in pyramids, plenty of verticality in the level design, a buuunch of weapons, big bosses, unlockable alternate starting classes, and an unavoidable stat-boosting grind as you upgrade your skill tree from run to run.

In some ways, I feel like Immortal Redneck is speaking to two very different (and in some cases incompatible) crowds, but with so many “standard” throwback shooters popping up these days, the run-based structure helps it stand out. Above all, it feels good.

Immortal Redneck skill tree
Gold is a crucial part of the progression loop.

Arena shooter flair

In his 2017 review, Chris Carter was pretty high on Immortal Redneck, in large part due to its shooter fundamentals. The key quote: “While many studios have attempted to recreate the magic of the original Unreal Tournament or the arena shooters of old and failed, developer Crema managed to get it right. […] While the roguelike setup will no doubt scare some people off (you do you, reader), anyone looking to temporarily transport themselves back through the ages of FPS-dom without making concessions should give it a chance.”

It’s not necessarily a game you’ll want to fully finish — less-than-friendly roguelite tuning is one of the issues — but for free, Immortal Redneck is an easy game to dabble in.

GOG is also hosting a sale right now, hence this foot-in-the-door giveaway. Games like Deux Ex GOTY Edition ($0.97), Tomb Raider: Anniversary ($0.98), and Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Complete ($2.49) are charting as best-sellers. A few bucks can take you far.

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