Imageepooch announces loads of JRPGs

Luminous Arc and Last Ranker developer Imageepooch has officially stepped into the arena of publishing with the goal of bringing prestige back to Japanese roleplaying games. With that in mind, it has officially unveiled three full JRPGs and promised much more. 

The first big reveal is Final Promise Story. It’s a PSP game that claims to be a a “juvenile fantasy” (aren’t all JRPGs that?). The big draw is that if characters die in battle, they will remain dead during the course of the story. Yousuke Uda is producing. 

Black Rock Shooter is getting a game, which will also be on the PSP. It’s based on an OVA that’s been doing the rounds recently. I’ve been planning to watch it, although I’ve heard it’s garbage. 

Chevalier Saga Tactics is a PS3 download title, and as the name suggests, it’s a tactical RPG. Although the full game is coming to PSN, a free-to-play PC version is also in the works. There will be a strategy mode concerning individual commanded units, and a full-scale battle mode which can also be taken online. 

Imageepooch also has a number of mystery projects in the works, known only by codenames: Type Moon x Imageepooch, Ark Project, Mars Project and Remus Project. Three of them are original titles, while Remus is a conversion of an older PC game. In addition to these, a bunch of Apps are coming.

Check out the trailers Final Promise Story and Black Rock Shooter below. 

[Via andriasang]

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