I’m in your airport, ready to leave your city

The long strange journey that was the past two weeks is about to come to a close. As you loyal readers know, Destructoid took over San Francisco last week at GDC and then went ahead and decided to spread the seed in Austin, Texas, for the SXSW Interactive conference. As I sit here at the airport, with about one hour of sleep and a drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles ahead of me when I land, let’s take a look at some of the top stories we brought you during a convention-filled month.

Game Developers Conference 2007 

GDC 2007: Night at White Wolf
GDC 2007: N-Gage interview
GDC 2007: Sitting down with Sony
GDC 2007: Prince of Persia: Rival Swords PSP (all the best stuff is at the end)
GDC 2007: Gods and Heroes; shakycam interview and new screen shots
GDC 2007: Mark Rein and Unreal Engine 3
GDC 2007: Crytek2 Engine; thus, I saw the glory of God … and it was good
GDC 2007: Gettin Shiggy wit it
GDC 2007: Star Trek MMO concept art revealed
GDC 2007: Greybush goes backstage
GDC 2007: Talking APB with Real Time Worlds
GDC 2007: Pokemon Battle Revolution video
GDC 2007: Hope for the RPG
GDC 2007: Super Paper Mario Wii videos
GDC 2007: Afterburner PSP; the Iceman cometh
GDC 2007: UT2K7 PS3 ZOMG!
GDC 2007: Last night’s pre-party at the W Hotel, Ron loves CliffyB edition
GDC 2007: Phil Harrison’s keynote; alternative reaction (with bonus Churchill)
GDC 2007: Phil Harrison keynote
GDC 2007: Live blogging the Microsoft RPG panel
GDC 2007: Mobile Games? People play those?
GDC 2007: Jane McGonigal on Collective Intelligence and I Love Bees
GDC 2007: Communicating in real time
GDC 2007: Jeff Minter talks about giraffes

South by Southwest 2007

SXSW 07: Live blogging Will Wright
SXSW 07: A night out with Kevin Rose, Morgan Spurlock, Patrick Norton and G4
SXSW 07: Screenburn is dead
SXSW 07: Hands-on with Jam Sessions DS
SXSW 07: The Dorkbot beer garden party
SXSW 07: Playing with your shadow


Robert Summa