Ikaruga finally hits XBLA on April 9th

Finally being the operative word there. According to our friend Postman over at Shoot The Core, Ikaruga is finally ready to make its way to Xbox Live Arcade on April 9th, 2008. Turns out the April issue of UK Xbox magazine has been sporting an “Available now” graphic with their info on the game, and this is backed up by the Ikaruga product details page on the Japanese Xbox web site.

Are we looking at a worldwide release? They’d be stupid not to do just that. Shmup fans have been clamoring for this game ever since it was announced, and I’ve been at the front of the line. From the looks of things, the wait is just about over. It’s about f*cking time.

[Thanks to Buster.com, who is totally not going to beat my score, for the tip] 

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