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Cute 'em up 2: Trouble Witches

Trouble Witches Studio Siesta Horizontal Cute 'em up Another Studio Siesta game.This game managed to go from doujin game, to arcade game, to getting an english release. i dont know when the english version is coming out, but the manu...


Cute 'em up 1: Air Rade Air

I've been meaning to make a post about this game for a while now, but ive been kind of busy. Airrade Air is one of my favorite shoot em ups ever made. I love everything about it, even though its not a very hard shoot em up. The monst...


What happened to her face?

im confused, this is supposed to be a team ninja game, which means nice bodies and cute faces. the video starts off nice enough but then all of a sudden they show her face... and my face went like this... how could this have happened? w...


Hey Ubisoft, WTF?

Gimme my goddamn downloadable content for wartech, ill buy them all at the same time, heres a picture of all of them. I dont care if it costs me a couple thousand microsoft point, i want to play as kid Karel, and Kid...er Ernula, annnnnnn...


From what it was, to what it is.

Genetos is an evolving shoot em up that takes you through the history of the genre. the demo only has three stages. The first bring a space invaders clone, the second a nes game and the third a snes game. basicly you shoot things and tak...


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