PSA: If your Switch Pro Controller seems dead, there might be an easy fix

Switch Pro Controller dead

Try this first!

Is your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller dead? Well, thanks to this post on reddit by imnotgoats that’s been gaining traction this week, you might have an option before sending it off to Nintendo for repair.

If your Switch Pro Controller is dead, try the sync button

Although Switch Pro Controllers have a fairly good reputation, it isn’t foolproof. Some folks, even after years of use, have reported that their controllers have entered a weird state where they seem completely dead. As in, the battery seems to be out of operation, and no amount of charging will work (the charging light won’t even come on).

As the reddit thread points out, even swapping docks/cables might not solve the issue. However, upon pressing the sync button, the controller “sprang to life,” and hasn’t had the same issue. It’s such a simple little fix but it’s not something a lot of folks wouldn’t think of in the moment. I mean logic would dictate that plugging it into a perfectly working cable and dock and not having the charging light come on indicates a critical battery issue, but there is one last ray of hope with the sync button.

Someone in the post even mentions they’ve had one that’s been sitting on a shelf for at least a year with this problem! Another good point is that a lot of folks play with it permanently plugged into a PC, and wouldn’t even think to ever press the sync button for any reason.

The Switch Pro Controller is still incredible

The Switch Pro Controller might be my single favorite device of this generation, just because of how stable it is. It holds a charge for…forever, to the point where I just don’t even need to think about it. Plus, theĀ Monster Hunter Rise special edition Pro looks gorgeous, so I get to look down every once in a while and enjoy the design. Functionality and flair: win-win!

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