If you haven’t seen Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s outer space, here’s a peek

Breath of the Wild's outer space

You just need to blow yourself up a lot

Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s outer space design is a sight to behold, even though no one is actually going to witness it through normal gameplay. Well, just about anyone.

While folks have been glitching out into space for some time, Redditor ThornyFox managed to do it legit (normally I’d embed the video, but since it has tons of flashing lights and tends to autoplay, you can check it out here). Well, without mods at least, because bugs were involved! ThornyFox notes that they used the core glitch in the video below to actually pull it off.

Here’s the gist: “Bomb arrows will instantly detonate if you use them while on fire. So I used apparatus storage, a glitch that keeps elemental effects no matter where you go. Then I just jumped in lava, and the game thought I was constantly being lit on fire.” It’s actually several glitches in one, as they glitched to get that many arrows, too. It’s called inventory corruption, and you can learn how to do it here. They also managed to stave off death by being in the ragdoll state, which makes the user impervious to the explosions (and Link is also immune to the cold status). Phew!

After all that, apparently after actually reaching their destination, falling down from Breath of the Wild‘s outer space region takes roughly 10 minutes. The fact that this state even exists shows why people are still talking about this game.

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