If you have Xbox Game Pass, don’t skip Indivisible or A Plague Tale

They could always use more love

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Starting January 23, 2020, Xbox Game Pass is giving Xbox One subscribers a chance to play through two cool games that might’ve slipped through the cracks last year: Indivisible and A Plague Tale: Innocence.

“Trust the team behind Skullgirls to create another universe from scratch and immediately populate it with such brilliant, funny, and beautiful characters,” Chris Moyse said of Indivisible in his review.

It’s part platformer, part turn-based RPG, which Moyse likened to Valkyrie Profile. “Each face button is assigned to a character, with the goal being to perform the most optimal damage combo possible by weaving together your party’s bespoke attacks,” he said. “Considering the number of possible team combinations on offer, dedicated players can spend hours in the game’s dojo (which unlocks over the course of the story) finding their favorite lineups and experimenting with their destructive capabilities.”

As for A Plague Tale: Innocence, it’s the one with the hordes of rats. Our boy Moyse reviewed that game as well. He called Asobo Studios’ narrative-focused adventure “grim, gripping, and fantastic.”

Another pair of games Sea Salt and Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour – will join Xbox Game Pass for console players on January 30, 2020. They sound like they go together based on the names, don’t they?

On the PC side, the Xbox Game Pass library is adding A Plague Tale: Innocence, Sea Salt (it’s a reverse horror game), Gris, and ScourgeBringer (a Celeste-lookin’ shooter/slasher roguelike platformer).

We regularly post these Game Pass updates, and I’m curious: what have you all been playing?

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