If you have the Fire Emblem: Three Houses season pass, you can download this free outfit

Lots of Sothis love

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is enjoying a relatively quiet back half of 2019. Although it had a relatively explosive debut Nintendo has been taking it easy with DLC since its July release, which has mostly been low key in the form of outfits and missions.

Now, for season pass owners (read: it’s $25), you can download a free outfit to celebrate the holidays: a literal “outfit of your dreams,” a little inside joke from Nintendo for those of you who played Three Houses. It’s none other than the Sothis Regalia, honoring one of the more popular characters from the new saga. If you have the pass you just get the outfit, no questions asked or loopholes, and there’s one for each version of Byleth.

As a reminder DLC Waves 1-3 are already out, and include academy outfits (plus glasses) for Byleth, five auxiliary battles, new music, items, student attire, a recruitable Anna, the sauna, and maid/butler battalions. Wave 4 is scheduled to be released “by April 30, 2020” and will include new story content and characters, as well as a free general update for more battle appearance options, a save slot increase (from five to 25!) ad the chance to recruit Jeritza.

Again, Nintendo has been killing it with free first-party DLC and updates for their high profile games. Three Houses is just more proof.

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