If there’s a dub, I hope Willem Dafoe voices Ryuk in Jump Force

In other news, the duo of Light and Ryuk are not playable

Look, I don’t think we have to talk about the live action 2017 Death Note movie at length. But some people probably want to at least have a chat about Willem Dafoe, who did an excellent job with the menacing meddler Ryuk.

Dafoe, as you know, is pretty much up for anything, so I can totally see him doing a video game if there ended up being a dub for Jump Force — the newest anime crossover fighter that was revealed at E3. They could get pretty much anyone to do Light, or have him be silent for all I care, just give me the Dafoe. Get a good look at them by way of a new teaser below that singles them out.

Don’t get too excited though, as Bandai Namco has since confirmed that the duo will not be playable. Instead they’ll follow the story as a sort of narrative device. Welp!

Chris Carter
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