Idol Master SP first game to boast connectivity with PlayStation Home

I know, you don’t give a crap about PlayStation Home. Neither do I. Three hours in there on the first day it launched confirmed all my previous suspicions in one fell swoop: all that would happen is that guys would grab my virtual tits and I would be bored. Both those things confirmed, I returned to my PixelJunk Monsters and haven’t turned it on again since.

However, there may still be some people enjoying Home, and it will further interest them to find out that the Idol Master SP for PSP will offer the first connectivity between Home and a separate game. GPara reports that you can unlock rewards in Idol Master SP that can be used in Home. If the pictures in the gallery are any indication, it looks as if you may also be able to import avatars.

I guess this is neat, but since I think Home sucks I’m not really feeling it so much. Would you be pleased to see connectivity in future PSP titles to Home?

[Via PlayStation Lifestyle — Thanks, Anthony!]

Colette Bennett