Idol Manager is heading to Switch next year after successful Kickstarter campaign

Get ready to live the dream of managing idols on the go

Back in March, Idol Manager made its debut on Kickstarter looking to raise $5,000 by April 26, 2018. As of today, however, the campaign has gone above and beyond that goal, raising a total of $55,332. Notably, it met the stretch goal of a Nintendo Switch version on the final day of crowdfunding.

That said, the developers have confirmed the Switch version will be created after the original PC version has been completed, simply so it won’t slow down development. The PC version will be aiming for a December 2018 release window on Windows, Mac, and Linux, while the Switch version will release sometime in 2019.

The previous stretch goals also include “mature content,” the option for a female manager, mod support, vocal music tracks, and asynchronous multiplayer. The game itself is basically a management/business simulator that lets you run your own talent agency. It covers everything from hiring the pop-star idols themselves, training them, and choosing what they do in their day-to-day. All while apparently balancing personal “relationships” and dealing with rivals.

As a fan of management sims in general, this genuinely looks interesting. I am also curious if that “mature content” makes its way into the Switch version or what changes might be made in general for that release.

Idol Manager [Kickstarter]

Dan Roemer
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