I’d play this Game Boy Color Pokemon Sword and Shield demake in a heartbeat

Game Boy Color Pokemon Sword demake

The Game Boy ruled so hard

Want a Game Boy Color Pokemon again? So do I! The system was a classic, and I could go for more demakes, or re-releases. This Pokemon Sword and Shield demake concept from artist sindorman is just making me thirsty for it.

Again, this is a concept (sindorman says “In case you’re curious, this is not an actual rom hack, it’s just an animation made by yours truly in photoshop”), not an actual game, which is probably for the best as far as Pokemon fan creations go! For reference, here’s the Pokemon Sword and Shield “Game Boy Remix” song they used, from coatlesscarl.

While the recent remakes have been doing well sales-wise, it’s hard to imagine a situation where a modern Pokemon game wouldn’t. I hope that Game Freak reevaluates their tact, and that Pokemon Legends delivers with half the things it seems to promise.

I’m all for the actual creation of demakes, especially the one detailed here, but Game Freak also needs to look to the future. The company keeps talking about getting new blood in, but it doesn’t seem like they’re making much of an impact thus far. Eventually a new generation will have to take over once most of the original crew can’t do it anymore.

Game Boy Color Pokemon Sword and Shield mockup:

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