Iceborne’s new Assassin’s Creed event quest begins April 10

Master Rank players can upgrade their Assassin’s Hood mantle

There are so many dates to keep track of in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne right now, but here’s one more to remember. Capcom and Ubisoft are releasing a new event quest called “The Assassin” on April 10, 2020. As that name surely implies, it’s another Monster Hunter x Assassin’s Creed crossover.

You might’ve already picked up the Assassin’s Hood mantle with the “SDF: Silent, Deadly, and Fierce” High Rank event quest in the base game. Good on you! I missed it. The mantle lets you move faster, and better yet, it has a filthy critical sneak-attack capability that lets you put out ridiculous damage.

What’s different with this Iceborne quest coming in April? Basically, it’s a chance to upgrade the Assassin’s Hood mantle and make it worthwhile for Master Rank. It’s a big ask to get players to swap out their mantle of choice, but I imagine some players have a soft spot for the Assassin’s Hood.

Capcom also shared the latest sales figures for Iceborne – five million units shipped worldwide – and its ensuing token of appreciation. Players are getting a Celebration Item Pack with 50 Mega Potions, 50 Dust of Life, 10 Whetfish Fin+, three King Armor Spheres, and a Celestial Wyverian Print.

I’m thrilled with the support this expansion has gotten so far. It’s a feel-good story.

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