Ice-T joins the cast of Gears of War 3

We just got actual confirmation that Ice T will be joining the cast of Gears of War 3.

Let’s slow down here a moment. Gears of War already has a stereotypical black guy. There can’t be two of them! What if they touch or something? The world will end in an explosion of stereotyping. Epic is playing with fire here, and we’re all going to pay once the apocalypse occurs.

Fear of the end of the world aside, Ice-T is actually a pretty talented guy, and a massive fan of the Gears games. He will be playing the roll of Griffin, a leader of a group of human survivors known as the Stranded that Marcus and Delta Squad meet. That actually doesn’t sound too stereotypical at all. Ice-T will be joined by rapper Drake, who is voicing another unannounced character.

Wait, three black guys with speaking roles in a videogame? The end is nigh!

Matthew Razak