#Icarus is the new #Darksiders2

Flew so close to the sun he gotta wear shades

I spent part of my day playing the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst beta. Pretty good! I’m basically in agreement with Steven’s recent preview.

Outside some of the junk that DICE shoved in, probably at the behest of EA to satiate the masses that want said open-world junk, it feels like a natural extension of the original. Yes, combat is still in and it sadly has an enhanced focus, but the gameplay is great, and as long as I can get time trials back, I am going to be okay. We’ll see when it hits in June.

But one thing that really stuck out to me that’s just plain old bad is Icarus. Yes, the dude above. The dude you meet early on as your liaison into your new “crew.” The same dude who has a sleeveless hoodie and an attitude that would even scare the Battletoads and the Bad Dudes. Steven has some good insight though, noting, “maybe exposed biceps are ‘in’ in Sweden.”

Back in the day, we at Dtoid (read: our own Occams Electric Toothbrush) created a saying: #Darksiders2. If something was really bad — like, wearing Jack Skellington pajamas to your girlfriend’s relative’s funeral bad — we called it out with that hashtag. But I’m proposing a new change, because change is good.

Except when Mirror’s Edge is changed. And has Icarus in it.

Chris Carter
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