I would have bought all these hypothetical X-Men Disney Infinity figures

Why can’t they be real

RIP Disney Infinity.

I played each game with a sense of wonder, hoping that the Toy Box would be a fully realized tool to use in the future, and with the latest iteration they came close to that goal, all while providing fun adventures to play. Then it went bye bye.

Well, some people (myself included) just can’t let go, as evidenced by this official Dr. Strange toy leak, and now, artwork of figures that could have potentially came to the series. Yep, Hector Moran is playing with our emotions here, providing artistic renderings of several characters that would have perfectly fit into the Infinity universe.

The list includes Tarzan, X-Men, Silver Surfer, and Deadpool. But not just any X-Men rendition — the animated FOX series and its memorable colorful designs that do the comic justice. I almost can’t deal with how great these are.

Hector Moran [Art Station]

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