I sure hope Kirby’s 25th anniversary is better than Metroid’s 30th

Kirby turns 25 next year

So Metroid’s 30th anniversary came and went. We got a 3DS theme out of it, a spinoff game, and….the complete disavowal of a pretty rad fangame.

Kirby, a franchise its creators seem to actually care about, is getting off to a good start with a 25th anniversary Twitter account, though. Just this week Nintendo kicked off an official account for the little guy, who will provide “multiple announcements” for the fluff ball’s anniversary. So far, so good.

I wish Nintendo wasn’t so wildly inconsistent with what series is decides to celebrate, but the fact that it does it at all is a stark contrast to other publishers, who usually just ignore milestones (Konami anyone).

Kirby 25th [Twitter]

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