I keep getting older, but these songs stay the same: new GH2 DLC on XBLM

Kotaku (and anyone with a functional Xbox 360) has word that three new downloadable tracks have appeared on the XBLM for Guitar Hero II. The tracks are rehashes from the original Guitar Hero (again), and they retail for the standard, yet exorbitant 500 MS points.

Tracklist? You got it:

(A crap cover band imitating) The Ramones – I Wanna Be Sedated 

(A crap cover band imitating) Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water

(A crap cover band imitating) Judas Priest – You Got Another Thing Coming

It would be cliché of me to insult the song selection here, and honestly, I applaud their choices, but why can’t we get some new songs? Remember when Red Octane told us GHII would have more DLC than any other Xbox 360 title? Did they just forget to mention that none of it would be original and the release schedule would be spread out over the course of the remainder of our mortal lives?

Red Octane, you guys used to be about the music, but you CHANGED, man …

Earnest Cavalli
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