I, GameJew: The Mushroom Singdom 04/07/08

Wow! Two games that I’m not ashamed to sing about. I loved Bases Loaded as a kid. Played it a lot. Somehow, miraculously, it has stood the test of time and is still completely playable. Enjoyable, even. In my enthusiasm for the game, I went a bit off the deep end with the song. I recently found myself in possession of a piano, and figured a baseball song would be the ideal place to introduce it into the Mushroom Singdom musical lexicon.

Speaking of introducing new instruments, I’ll be you didn’t know that I played the banjo! Yoshi’s Cookie really did make me hungry. Cookies falling, cookies everywhere, Mario in his chef outfit. Right after I finished this week’s songs, I baked a cake. I’m totally serious.

To recap: Two great games, two strange songs, one great week in the land of the Virtual Console.

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