I, GameJew: The Mushroom Singdom 03/10/08

It’s Friday! I really wanted to get this week’s Mushroom Singdom out much sooner, but I’ve had a crazy week. I launched a new site called Mannmade.tv. When I’m through uploading every song I’ve ever written (450) and video I’ve ever made (200), it’ll be awesome. But enough shameless plugging, on to the games.
Two really awesome games this week, both Japanese imports. DoReMi Fantasy:Milon’s DokiDoki Adventure on the SNES is a sequel to the beloved Milon’s Secret Castle on the NES. While the original game was decent and makes me extremely nostalgic, the sequel is far superior. As I say in the song, it stands up to the best platformers of the era. I really can’t recommend it enough. Puyo Puyo 2: Tsuu is great as well, though gameplay-wise, it’s exactly the same as several other classic games (again, see the song). If you’ve never played this type of game before, and/or if you’re a puzzle genre freak, you could do worse than picking this one up.
As for the songs, I’m happy with how they came out this week. There’s a certain element that comes into play when you literally just stop trying and let whatever comes flow through you. Sounds cheesy, I know (especially since we’re talking about two minute videogame songs here), but it’s true. What do you think.