I can’t get enough of these old Toys”R”Us game aisle photos

Pictured: My childhood

Do you ever have a dream about letting loose in a store with every childhood video game you’ve ever wanted right there for the taking? You know the one. The shelves are lined from top to bottom. You’re short on time. There are too many boxes to skim, so you just grab what you can and toss it in the cart.

It’s become rarer and rarer these days – most of my dreams are too mundane to remember – but whenever I get to live out that adolescent fantasy, I wake up beaming. I know it’s gonna be a good day.

That’s how I feel about this series of Toys”R”Us photos from 1999 and 2000 acquired by Twitter user pori64. They graciously bought, scanned, and uploaded photographs of the iconic video game aisles.

“Photos like these seem very hard to come by, so I wanted to make sure they were preserved.”

Rows of Super Nintendo, Game Boy Color, and Nintendo 64 games as far as the eye can see – I want them all. It’s almost overwhelming, in a way. But this time, we have time. No one’s rushing us.

You can pore over pori64’s whole photo collection via The Internet Archive. Lovely stuff.

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