Hyrule Warriors DLC contents confirmed, some characters are free

Cia, Volga, and Wizzro

In my review of Hyrule Warriors, I noted that during the course of the experience I got a free update — an additional mode that added extra levels. It looks like the free DLC parade isn’t done yet, as an upcoming update will add playable villains Wizzro, Volga, and Cia to the mix.

Four DLC packs are also confirmed. The “Backdoor” pack (new scenario, weapon, adventure map, and two costumes), the “Twilight Princess” pack (new character, weapon, adventure map, and two costumes), the “Majora’s Mask” pack (two characters, an adventure map, and three costumes), and the “Ganon” pack (two modes).

US pricing isn’t confirmed, but the first three are 1,200 yen, and the last is 500 yen. If you pre-order every pack for a limited time, you’ll get a free Dark Link costume.

Hyrule Warriors gets another round of playable characters (footage) [GoNintendo]

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