Hyper Light Drifter just got a surprise co-op beta

Bringing back a cut feature

Hyper Light Drifter is finally out, but Heart Machine’s work isn’t finished just yet. In addition to working on PS4, Vita, and Xbox One versions, they’re also incorporating another mode into the PC edition — co-op.

Apparently the feature was cut from development previously, but given the positive reception to the game, it’s probably worth working back in. You can experience the co-op beta right now until May 2 at 1AM ET, at which point it’ll be shut down. Once they’ve worked out all the kinks, it’ll be pushed as a free update to the core game. That’s a pretty amazing patch!

To access the beta, right click the game in your Steam library, go to properties, betas, then select co-op. Then select the option in settings, but note that achievements are disabled.

Local co-op beta available now [Steam]

Chris Carter
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