Hyper Light Breaker aims for Early Access this fall, showcases gameplay

Hyper Light Breaker

The world of Hyper Light keeps expanding

Today we got our first gameplay look at Hyper Light Breaker, the second Hyper Light game from Heart Machine. Fresh off Solar AshHyper Light Breaker maintains a lot of the style and look you’d expect from this universe, but with a whole new set of skills for taking on enemies.

IGN got the big gameplay reveal, where it showed off the gorgeous and colorful world of Hyper Light Breaker. While the first Hyper Light Drifter was a top-down, 2D affair, Breaker moves into 3D, similar to Heart Machine’s Solar Ash. The third-person action promises “endless loadouts” and “infinite open worlds”, but also, unlimited deaths. Because yes, there are some intimidating foes to overcome. Check out the gameplay below:

All of this makes Hyper Light Breaker look absolutely spectacular. The different weapons and style switches look great, and the world is a neon-soaked landscape that reminds me so much of Heart Machine’s previous work. Other developers have shown that you can make the 2D-to-3D jump without losing your sense of style, and I’m happy to see that so far, Hyper Light Breaker is making it work.

Breaking up the light

I’m curious to see what co-op looks like, as that’s supposed to be an option in this new entry. Heart Machine has also confirmed it’s taking a little more time on this new Hyper Light game. When first revealedHyper Light Breaker was set for a spring 2023 Early Access launch on Steam, but today’s trailer pushes it out to the fall.

Granted, this spring is already absolutely packed, so I’m not complaining about some breathing room. Hyper Light Drifter was a memorable experience, and I’m very much looking forward to Breaker. I think waiting a little while longer, and clearing off my backlog in the meantime, sounds like a good plan.

Hyper Light Breaker is targeting Early Access on PC via Steam for sometime this fall.

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