Hyper Demon is Devil Daggers creator’s trippy new FPS, out now

Hyper Demon

See more than others ever have

Developer Sorath blasted onto the scene in 2016 with the first-person arcade shooter Devil Daggers. Now, the studio is back with another bizarre shooter, with possibly even more mind-bending action in Hyper Demon.

Hyper Demon launches today on PC via Steam, for $14.99. As the tag advertises, it’s about slaying demons in a world like no other. And, apparently, from a view like no other either.

The faster you slay demons in Hyper Demon, the harder the game gets. But your score also ramps higher and higher. There is, apparently, an end. The question is, can you make it there?

Much like Devil DaggersHyper Demon has minimal controls. Collecting gems will allow players to buff up their capabilities, or charge up and execute massive super moves.

The trippy effect you see on the screen is what developer Sorath describes as “groundbreaking spherical projection,” which gives the player a wide peripheral view without pinching or shrinking the center of the screen. It is truly something to see in motion. And it allows for fields of view stretching out to 180 degrees.

Alongside that, the game also has a holographic rear view overlay. So basically, you can have complete 360-degree awareness, if you can learn to visually parse all the chaos happening on the field.

The devil inside

Devil Daggers was definitely a memorable experience from 2016. It had a dark and intense vibe, taking the general concept of being a devil who shoots magic daggers from their fingers into an arena shooter frenzy.

Its visuals were particularly wild, so it’s cool to see Hyper Demon continue to push this into almost surreal places. With a surprise launch too, this is a nice Monday morning surprise for folks who love visually unique arena shooters.

Hyper Demon is out now for PC on Steam.

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