Hurry and cover your butt: Dreamcast survey may have been a phishing scheme?

You may have read on Kotaku or in our community blogs that Sega was curious as to how many people out there still owned a Dreamcast. There was a supposed poll for us to fill out, and as the page had a bit of moonspeak on it, most people simply assumed it was legit in hopes that Sega had plans to bring us something wonderful. Well, someone had plans alright, but it wasn’t Sega.

As it turns out, Sega doesn’t even own the domain anymore, and somebody’s got their filthy, blaspheming mitts on whatever information you might have given out. If you’re among those unfortunate enough to have been duped by this scam, you may want to stop by DVDDesign’s blog for tips on how to rid yourself of the HIVs. 

Now that we have that out of the way, I would like to put out an APB on whomever hatched this evil plot and sullied the good name of my console. If found, please take him into custody and deliver him to Retroforce headquarters, so that I may stomp repeatedly on his throat.

[Via Mainichi]

Topher Cantler