Huh? The new Xbox 360s can also come with 120 GB HDDs?

[Update] Microsoft has contacted Giant Bomb and was all like “hell no, what are you guys smoking?” to the reports of a 120 GB unit. Apparently there is not, so don’t head to your Best Buy looking for one. 

[Original story] Wait, what? We all know the stubby new Xbox 360 Elites come with a 250 GB hard drive, and cost a relatively fair $300 — nothing new. Apparently, you can also get the exact same models, except with a 120 GB HDD instead.

Here’s the catch, according to Giant Bomb who stumbled across this weirdness: $279.99 will get you the redesigned 360 with the aforementioned — and significantly reduced — storage … a whole $20 off the other SKU. Yep, the savings are hardly worth it, which is a bummer.

Weirder yet, even though the Giant Bomb crew found this unannounced, slightly cheaper model at Best Buy, no major retailers have it listed at all. So basically, if you run out to get the new Xbox 360, don’t mistakenly purchase this gimped SKU on accident.

There Are New 360s With 120 Gig Hard Drives [Giant Bomb]

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