Hudson swag contest winners GET! (Update)

You people are crazy. We asked you to show us your favorite pictures from the Internet and we got over 500 comments full of submissions. Seriously. Crazy. All of you.

Here are the winners: nademagnet, electro lemon, CWal37, Snow Squall and 007. I’ll be dropping you all an e-mail later today based on the e-mail address we have on file for you. You’re going to be receiving a bunch of random Hudson swag and I want to see a C Blog with all of you winners trying to top the picture of Niero above in return. 

Thanks to everyone that entered! Be sure to check out the rest of our ongoing contests for more chances at winning free stuff! 

[Update: Oh hey, we were supposed to have twelve winners, not five. My bad! GrumpyTurtle, Dead Movie Star, HiddenAHB, Sheir, Johannhat, Kholdstare and The-Excel all also win some fancy prizes. Check your e-mails, kids!]


Hamza Aziz