How to win the arcade game in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2

How to win the Fortnite arcade game in Chapter 4 Season 2

X marks the spot

Fortnite launched Chapter 4 Season 2 with plenty of new content and quests for players to check out. One of the most unique quests this season is asking players to find the Fortnite arcade game and win it. This is what you need to know to locate this game within a game and dominate it.

How to find and win the arcade game in Frenzy Fields

How to win Fortnite arcade minigame
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The Fortnite arcade game begins with a special quest from the Peace Syndicate in Chapter 4 Season 2. This seven-stage quest begins with the first objective finding and winning an arcade game in either Frenzy Fields or Slappy Shores.

Starting with the former, Frenzy Fields is host to up to three different arcade cabinets in each match of battle royale. They are in and around the point of interest, such as the one in our screenshot. You can find it on the west side of the large barn in the middle of the POI.

However, locating one of the arcade machines is only half of the story. In addition to that, players need to complete the arcade minigame before they can proceed with the next stage in this questline.

To do that, go up to the machine and interact with it. This is the same interaction input that you use to open doors and chests. For instance, PlayStation users use the square button, Xbox players use the X button, Switch players use the Y button, and so on.

The arcade minigame features a green circle on a screen with a red X near it. Your job is to navigate the circle across the grid to appear on the same square as the X. The problem is that there are some white squares on the screen that block your progress.

You’ll need to find the right path to the X using the four functions you have available to you: up, down, left, and right. Overall, this is a rather simple minigame but the problem is that you are completely vulnerable to attacks from other players during this time.

Given that this is likely to be a popular quest during Chapter 4 Season 2, there is a chance that you may have to fight over these arcade machines.

How to find and win the arcade game in Slappy Shores

How to win Fortnite arcade minigame
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Alternatively, players can complete the first stage of the Syndicate quests by winning an arcade game at Slappy Shores. This is the point of interest on the east coast of the island. In general, you can find up to two arcade machines in this named location.

But given that Slappy Shores is further away from a relatively popular location like Frenzy Fields, it is possible that it could be easier to win here without concerns of other players. One of the arcade machines is usually found on the north side of town near the exit.

As for the minigame, it is the same setup as before. Guide the green circle icon to the red X and you’ll win the minigame.

How to find and win the arcade game in Lonely Labs

How to win Fortnite arcade minigame
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The Syndicate isn’t quite done with asking you to play minigames, even after completing the first stage of their quests. The fourth stage of this storyline once again asks you to complete an arcade minigame. This time around, you have to head to Lonely Labs.

There is one minigame in this secluded named location in the northeastern corner of the island. This arcade machine is in the central part of Lonely Labs, in the middle of the main facility here.

Note that I, personally, encountered several enemies, even in a solo match when arriving here. Since there is only one arcade cabinet in this area, expect a severe amount of resistance.

If you can get here safely and peacefully, though, the minigame remains the same as with the previous stage. Guide the green circle to the red X. If you’re lucky, you may even encounter some friendly players who will wait in line to use the machine and won’t attack you; that was the case for me in one instance.

The effort of completing these various arcade minigames is for the reward of gaining experience. As with any season, XP will help you level up, which gives you battle pass stars to spend on the various rewards in the Season 2 battle pass.

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