How to Upgrade your Flame Altar in Enshrouded

Who doesn’t want a portable Firelink Shrine?

The flame altar in Enshrouded

As you might know by now, the video game world’s go-to for a safe place these days is a good old fireplace. But unlike Dark Souls, which scatters bonfires all over the map, Enshrouded invites players to more or less pick and choose where to make their own.

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The basis of all our operations in Enshrouded is something called Flame Altar. It’s a magical flaming pot that grants players safety, all sorts of building and crafting abilities, as well as space to house friendly NPCs that you’ll meet along the way.

The Flame Altar offers a much wider array of gameplay options than the Firelink Shrine from the Souls series, but one thing both have in common is that they can, and should, get upgrades. Let’s look at how to begin upgrading your Flame Altar, shall we?

The first thing you need to upgrade your altar is to, well, have one. You can build one as soon as you venture into the wild at the beginning of the game, though, so that’s no big deal. Once you’ve created your altar, interacting with it via the E key will ask players whether they want to upgrade the altar.

Upgrading the altar is very simple, in theory, as it only requires players to obtain specific items and bring them back to the altar. The very first upgrade only requires that players bring one Shroud Core to the altar.

To get this Core, however, players will need to perform a few steps. They’ll need to complete the game’s first serious quest, which has them rescuing a Blacksmith, and then killing a boss that he asks us to do away with. You can learn how to kill the boss, get the first Shroud Core, and make more here.

Every subsequent upgrade will require more items that will be harder to acquire, but it’s a pretty safe bet that keeping your altar upgraded is never a bad idea.

You can now play Enshrouded on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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