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How to unlock the PlayStation Network bonus suits for Returnal PC

You just need to link your PSN account

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As a tiny bonus for Returnal PC, you’ll be able to unlock several skins to use throughout the game: the ASTRA Model 9 Prototype and the ASTRA Model 14 Tactical suits. Here’s how to unlock them.

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Returnal PC will ask you to link your account when you boot it up for the first time

After you boot up Returnal PC initially, the game will try and sell you on linking your PSN account. If you do so, you’ll earn the two aforementioned suits instantly.

When the prompt appears, there are two ways to link your account:

  • You can do it in the game by opening up a link in your default browser, which will ask you to sign in with your PSN ID if you haven’t already
  • Returnal PC will also provide an on-screen QR code so you can scan it, and unlock it through your mobile device

We recommend using the former method, as it worked instantly for us. The second method on the other hand lagged quite a bit, and didn’t load properly. If you want to save a bit of time, try and do it through your PC browser.

That’s all you need to know! If you skip this pop-up because you want to just get to the game, you can link your accounts later from the options menu.

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