How to unlock the M13B in Modern Warfare II’s DMZ

How to beat the Chemist

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If there’s anything I can say for certain about the Call of Duty series, it’s that the games are chock-full of all kinds of awesome weapons. While you can unlock the majority of them in Modern Warfare II through normal weapon progression by leveling up, there are a few guns in the game that require you to complete a mission before they’re yours to take for a spin.

One of those weapons happens to be the M13B, which is the last assault rifle listed in the game menus, and it’s only accessible by completing a challenge in the new DMZ mode. If you’re new to MWII‘s take on an Escape from Tarkov-style extraction mode, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with this guide on how to beat the Chemist boss and grab your very own M13B.

Killing the Chemist and getting the gun

The first step is a fairly simple one: get some protection, because you’re about to enter a deadly radiation zone. You can acquire this a few different ways. Some are strewn about the map, so there’s a good chance you might just happen upon one during your regularly scheduled looting. There are also enemies around that are wearing them, and if you manage to find one and kill them, that gas mask is all yours.

You can also find a Buy Station and purchase a gas mask for $2,000, which shouldn’t be too hard to scrape together if you need to. There’s a whole other item that can work to keep you alive in the zone as well called a Radiation Blocker. You can find these in Hospitals around the map, or sometimes in random medicine cabinets. The likelihood of being able to find at least one of these early in your run should be pretty high, and if all else fails, all of the enemies in the

Next, you’re going to need to find the aforementioned radiation zone where a boss enemy is hiding known as the Chemist. Make sure you equip the mask or blocker before heading in, otherwise you might not even live to see the Chemist at all. His domain is marked as a semi-transparent yellow circle with a pink radiation symbol in the middle, so you’ll want to head there once you have your mask and any other supplies that are going to help you get through a tough fight. Once you infiltrate the area and finally kill the Chemist, he should drop your M13B.

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Get out of there!

Now all that’s left is to successfully extract with the gun, which shouldn’t be too hard if you’re already made it this far. It also helps that the M13B is a powerful gun, so it should be a good help in taking down the enemies on your way out. Just make sure the M13B is in your inventory, find an extraction point, which is marked on the map as a little guy running out of a door, and you’re all set to use your M13B in both your multiplayer and Warzone 2.0 loadouts to your heart’s content.

This one might take a few tries before you get it, but don’t give up, because the benefits are definitely worth it. Plus, you’ll have some bragging rights to sweeten the pot.

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