How to unlock the Fortnite Eren Jaeger skin
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How to unlock the Fortnite Eren Jaeger skin in Chapter 4 Season 2

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Fortnite is back with a new season and plenty of new skins to unlock in Chapter 4 Season 2. As part of the slate of new skins for players to obtain is the latest crossover skin, this time with Attack on Titan. Here’s what you need to do to unlock the Fortnite Eren Jaeger skin.

How to unlock the Fortnite Eren Jaeger skin

The renowned Attack on Titan manga and anime series makes its debut in Fortnite in Chapter 4 Season 2. The latest crossover skin is the Fortnite Eren Jaeger skin. The beloved anime protagonist will be joining Fortnite in the near future.

Unfortunately, even though he is shown in the promotional material and trailer for the new season, Eren isn’t available in the game at the launch of Season 2. Instead, he is arriving later down the road this season, similar to what happened with Geralt in Chapter 4 Season 1.

When the Eren Jaeger skin finally arrives in Fortnite, players will need the premium battle pass to unlock him. This means you’ll effectively need to pay 950 V-Bucks to get the skin but you won’t receive it right now. There are going to be some steps that players must complete beforehand once he arrives.

Those objectives are uncertain for now but they could involve using certain weapons, going to various places, or even just battle pass stars; we’ll update you once we have more information.

There appears to be a single page of rewards for the Attack on Titan character. His skin is the final reward, being an epic-level cosmetic item.

Here are the other items that are included with the Attack on Titan crossover:

  • Eren’s Faceoff spray
  • Basement Key back bling
  • Scout Regiment Salute emote
  • Titan Strike pickaxe
  • Determined Eren emoticon
  • Regiment Gear weapon wrap
  • New currently unnamed banner icon

Eren Jaeger skin unlock date

How to unlock the Fortnite Eren Jaeger skin
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The Fortnite Eren Jaeger skin will drop approximately 36 days after the launch of Chapter 4 Season 2. This puts it somewhere around Saturday, April 15, 2023. Players will, unfortunately, have to wait well over a month to unlock the Eren skin, and that’s barring any delays.

There is always the chance with a live-service game like Fortnite to encounter slight delays for events and content, so bear in mind that this anticipated date could always change. Regardless, it appears that Epic Games plans to go all out with the Eren skin release.

There is a chance that players could even receive a full-on limited-time event in Fortnite with new areas or weapons to celebrate the Attack on Titan anime adaptation’s final season scheduled to air later this year. There could even be additional premium skins in the item shop for other popular characters like Mikasa, Armin, and Levi.

Check back for updates regarding this new skin and its possible event as soon as we have them.

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