How to unlock & swap to new mounts in Minecraft Legends

You’ll have to work for your mounts

In Minecraft Legends, your hero is literally incapable of traversing the world on foot. You will start every adventure atop your trusty steed, and together you’ll ride into battle. That said, Minecraft Legends has four distinct types of mounts, but you can’t change what you ride from the main menu. What gives?

Fortunately, once you begin a Campaign game or a Versus game, you’ll have the option to pursue a new mount. Here’s what you need to do.

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How to find a new mount in the Campaign.

Once you’ve gotten your feet wet in the Campaign, you’ll be able to explore and look for secrets hidden throughout the world. Among these are new mount options, which will typically lurk in specific biomes. To look for these, check out your map. If you don’t know which button to press to do this, look at the top left side of your screen. Afterwards, you should see the required button listed under the map icon.

Once you’re in your map, you may see a “?” icon appear. Select this icon and place a marker on it, as this will make an arrow appear above the compass on the top part of your screen. Go towards the waypoint, and there’s a chance that this secret in question will be a new mount. If you do find a mount, hold down the button the game prompts you to press to switch to it. From that point on, the mount will always appear on your map, reminding you where to find it in case you lose it later.

If the “?” icon doesn’t wind up being a mount, keep exploring! You’re bound to find a new mount sooner than later!

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How to find a new mount in Versus mode

Just like in the campaign mode, you must venture out to find a new mount yourself. However, you won’t have any hints helping you out in Versus, so you just need to explore different areas and hope for the best. At least the mounts here are the same as in the campaign, so you’ll know what they are as soon as you see them. If you’re lucky enough to find a new mount, just hold down the button the game prompts you to press just like before.

Feel free to experiment with different mounts, as they all have slightly different properties that make them unique. Find the one that works best for you!

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