How to unlock Knight Armor for Ashley in the Resident Evil 4 remake

She’s unstoppable

As we’ve seen many times with the Resident Evil series, the Resident Evil 4 remake brings back some of the silly costumes from the original. But Ashley’s armor is one of the most significant costumes in RE history: as it prevents her from being carried, and protects her from most forms of damage. Here’s how to pick up one of the most useful unlocks in the remake.

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To unlock the Knight Armor for Ashley, you need to clear the game on Hardcore or higher with an A ranking

All you need to do to unlock the Knight Armor costume for Ashley is beat the game on Hardcore (hard) or higher with an A ranking. That’s it. In addition to having to actually get through the game on Hardcore, you need to finish the campaign within 10 hours. That’s doable for a lot of folks!

Hardcore Mode is available right from the start and does not need a full clear to unlock: but it’s best if you go for the A ranking on Hardcore when you actually know what you’re doing. Worrying too much about a timed playthrough on your first try with the remake is generally stressful, and if you spend too much time wandering around you might lock yourself out of an A ranking by the time you’re halfway through.

After all, you may as well go all out and try for an S+ ranking on a subsequent run, or try out Professional Mode.

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