How to tame Bloodgullet spirit beast hunter pet in WoW Dragonflight

It’s easier than you think

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Hunters are all about tracking down pets, and I have a feeling you want a 100% rating in WoW Dragonflight. Well, we have you covered as far as the Bloodgullet spirit beast is concerned! Here’s where to find them.

Step 1: Go to Timberstep Outpost in the Ohn’ahran Plains

The Bloodgullet spirit beast can be found in the Ohn’ahran Plains zone of The Dragon Isles.

To be able to see them in the overworld, you’ll need to partake in the Essence of Awakening. It’s a purple powder inside of a tent in the Timberstep Outpost (northeast Ohn’ahran Plains). Just step into the tent and interact with it. You’ll know you’re under the effects of the Essence of Awakening if the buff shows up at the top of the screen.

Now you’re ready to actually find the Bloodgullet spirit beast and tame it.

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Step 2: Find and tame the Bloodgullet Spirit Beast in the same zone

Once you have the Essence of Awakening buff, head to the area to the southeast of Maruukai, at coordinates 66.8, 41.6.

Bloodgullet Spirit Beasts will appear in the zone. They’re generally clocking in at level 65, so you may need to be at a higher level to tame them.

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