How to superjump with Mercy in Overwatch 2

Mercy with the Miko skin with wings wide open in Overwatch 2

Superjump your way to victory

Mercy is mainly known for being the best single-target healer in Overwatch 2. Since then, she has been a difficult pick for higher ranks due to her predictable mobility, making her an easy target for DPS. Blizzard then implemented a mechanic with her ability, Guardian Angel, that makes her jump upward during her ability’s animation.

“Superjumping” with Mercy is difficult to pull off until Blizzard completely overhauled that mechanic. It’s now accessible to even new Overwatch players. Here’s how to superjump with Mercy in Overwatch 2.

How does superjump work with Mercy in Overwatch 2

Mercy's point of view when using her ability Guardian Angel
Screenshot by Destructoid

Superjumping with Mercy has been a matter of proper timing since Blizzard first implemented the mechanic. In Overwatch 2, you must press the jump button during Mercy’s Guardian Angel flight animation. The later you press the jump button, the higher you will superjump, which you can easily gauge with the bar.

Like Moira getting buffs out of nowhere, that’s not the only change in Mercy’s superjump in Overwatch 2. You can also superjump in almost any direction by looking at the direction you want to go and pressing the jump + Forward button (W for the keyboard or left analog stick up for controllers). The distance depends on the superjump bar.

For example, you G.A. towards your ally, then look in any direction you wish, press the jump + the forward button as the superjump bar fills up, and it will shoot you directly to where you’re looking at. This technique is called slingshot and is related to the new superjump mechanic for Mercy. You can perform many tactical positioning movements with the slingshot superjump mechanic.

Benefits of Mercy’s superjump in Overwatch 2

Mercy superjumping from an ally in Overwatch 2
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Superjumping with Mercy is highly innovative if you want to step up your game as a support. Mercy’s unpredictable movements make her a challenging target for enemy DPS.

Here are some of the benefits of superjumping with Mercy:

  1. This makes Mercy a less viable target for DPS, especially if the enemy team does not have a hit-scan DPS
  2. Allows Mercy to create a tactical position where she’s safe from enemy damage and abilities.
  3. Allows Mercy a higher chance of resurrecting her fallen ally by superjumping in the air while casting resurrect.
  4. Creates opportunities for Mercy to reach other teammates that need priority healing.
  5. They are very effective on lower ELO because they don’t have good tracking or aiming abilities.

As mentioned with the final benefit, superjumping with Mercy is very effective on lower ELO and gets a diminishing return on effectiveness as you progress through higher ranks. Mercy’s primary role is to focus on damage boosting and healing a single target, so it’s imperative to stay alive during crucial team fights. Implementing this mechanic to be more accessible helped create more ridiculous movement patterns for Mercy in Overwatch 2.

John Carlo Vijuan