Overwatch 2 patch notes announce Moira buff and players aren’t too happy

The Moira mains are delighted, though

Moira used to be one of the most reliable picks among the lineup of Overwatch‘s healers. Her abilities aren’t difficult to use which makes them viable for players of all skill ranges, plus she has great survivability and can deal good damage when it’s needed. When Overwatch 2 dropped, however, Moira took on a new life with the five-player teams, and most will say these changes weren’t for the best. A whole host of players decided they were tired of healing and wanted to use her as a glorified damage dealer. This is where the DPS Moira controversy began, and it’s only snowballed from there.

Fast forward to now, and Blizzard released some new patch notes announcing a buff to the notorious Irish scientist. Now “dealing damage with Biotic Orb now restores a small amount of Biotic Energy,” or for laymen like me, when you deal damage with the purple ball it regenerates some of the yellow healing stuff you spray on your teammates. I guess the idea is that since players are going full DPS Moira anyway, they might as well make it easier to give your teammates more healing.

I’m fairly skeptical that this change is going to be good in the long run, but that might be my knee-jerk reaction to hearing about another Moira buff. I want to say I trust that Blizzard knows what they’re doing, but as of late my confidence in them has been waning. It’ll be a waiting game to see how this buff affects play, and whether the devs will have to come back with a nerf in the near future.

These patch notes also detail the new Greek-themed arcade event Battle for Olympus, the new competitive season starting on January 10, and other balance changes for characters like Junker Queen, Zarya, and Brigitte.

[Featured Image via Blizzard Entertainment]

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