How to summon the Ancient Protector in WoW Dragonflight

It’s a bit buggy, but with a group, you can get it done faster

Ah the summonable elite. It’s a classic World of Warcraft trope, and it’s back in spades in Dragonflight. Here’s how to summon the Ancient Protector in Thaldraszus, which might be better to do in a group (but can be completely soloed).

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Where is the Ancient Protector in WoW Dragonflight?

The Ancient Protector is located in the center of Thaldraszus: specifically at Tyrhold, at coordinates 59, 58.5. But you need to do a little bit of legwork to actually get it to spawn.

Think of it like a miniature quest, which can spawn the NPC for an array of local players to loot.

How to summon the Ancient Protector

Once you’re at Tyrhold, here’s how you can summon the Ancient Protector NPC:

  • Search for and kill the Titan Defense Matrix enemies. They’ll drop an item called an “Unstable Matrix Core,” which you need five of to form an Unsustainable Containment Core (which only lasts for five minutes).
  • Once you create the Unsustainable Containment Core, Titanic Reactors will appear on your minimap (shown in the gallery above). Walk over to the reactors (which are like funnels of energy inside of small buildings), and right-click to interact with them.
  • The Ancient Protector will spawn at coordinates 59, 58.5 (if it doesn’t, you may need to repeat the process again). It’s a very easy mob with a basic rotation of abilities, and players will be there to assist with farming, whether you form a group or not.
  • Previously, the Ancient Protector would only spawn if you activated all four Titanic Reactors, so if Blizzard ever reverts back to that system, keep that in mind

As far as loot goes, I obtained:

  • x2 Primal Chaos
  • 50 Valdrakken Reputation
  • x18 Dragon Isles Supplies

The crown jewel is the Ancient Dancer’s Longspear: its unique drop.

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