How to solve the large cave shrine symbol puzzle in the Resident Evil 4 remake

This one is a little more stressful

In Chapter 4 of the Resident Evil 4 remake, players are tasked with solving two “cave shrine symbol puzzles.” One is in a small cave shrine, and the other is in a large cave. As you might imagine, the larger cave has more going on! Here’s how to get there and how to solve the symbol puzzle.

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How to find the large cave shrine in Chapter 4

You’ll find the large cave shrine in the southwest corner of the lake (the entrance/dock is marked on the map above). It’s a required area, as you’ll need to solve the symbol door to get the key item to continue the story.

Note that there are a lot of enemies in the large cave shrine. At this point you may want to invest in the recipe for flash grenades, as they’ll help with the mutated enemies that can pop up constantly in this zone.

Also, you can pick up the Red9 weapon before you enter this area.

Here are the correct symbols for the large cave shrine

Two of the symbols can be found directly near the puzzle itself (one on the same floor near some stalagmites and stalactites, and the other on the lower level near the ladder). The third symbol can be found near the start of the cave.

You can find a full visual representation of all three symbols in the gallery above.

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Enter all three symbols to open the large cave shrine door to find the Apostate’s Head

Just like the small cave shrine, enter all three symbols and the gate nearby will open!

Grab the Apostate’s Head and be on your way!

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