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Where to find the Red9 pistol in Resident Evil 4

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The Red9 pistol is one of the most beloved sidearms in Resident Evil 4. What it lacks in firing speed, it makes up for in power. A fully upgraded Red9 won’t let you down in the 2023 Resident Evil 4 remake.

The Red9 is somewhat noteworthy since you actually find it out in the world rather than purchase it from the merchant. In the original version of Resident Evil 4, it simply became available after you save Ashley from the church. In the remake, however, you have to find the Red9 after the start of Chapter 4.

At the end of Chapter 3, you fight the lake monster. Once defeated, Leon “Slip-N-Slide” Kennedy takes a three-hour nap in the boat. The boat sinks shortly after, but you’ll get a new one very early on in the chapter. Once you have this new boat, check your map. You’ll notice a shipwreck in the center of the lake. If you have the treasure map, two diamond icons will appear on it, which might be your only indication that you can land on the wreck.

Resident Evil 4 Red9 Location
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Drive your boat to the center of the lake. On the south side of the derelict, you can disembark and climb aboard. The Red9 is in a case near the bow of the ship. It isn’t locked; you simply need to open it and claim your prize.

Note that the Red9 cannot be equipped with a laser pointer. Its only attachment is a stock that you can purchase later.

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