How to solve the dissection lab Tetris puzzle in the Resident Evil 4 remake

You need to power up the lightning symbols

For a long stretch of time in the back half of the game, there’s no puzzles to do: just an action-packed island to explore. But then, BAM! In Chapter 13, there’s a Tetris-like puzzle system to solve. Here’s how to complete it.

How the dissection lab Tetris puzzle works

If you’ve ever played a game like Pipe Mania, this mechanic will be familiar.

Your job is to rotate all three of the square tracks (outer, middle, inner) to form a connection from the top (the power line) to the two electric icons (in the center and the bottom). The catch? When you rotate each square, all the pieces on that square will rotate with it.

When trying to do puzzles of this sort, figure out a way to divert power to one of the icons and work backward from there. Much like the lithograph puzzle, it won’t take you too long if you’re prone to trial and error tactics; as there’s only so many combinations you can choose from via brute force.

Screenshot by Destructoid

The solution to the Resident Evil 4 remake dissection lab Tetris puzzle

For this puzzle, you’ll need to divert power exactly like the image above. When you’re ready, flick the switch at the bottom (which selects the square tracks) to “lock in” your solution.

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