How to solve the castle sword and gong puzzle in the Resident Evil 4 remake

This one is fairly intuitive

The castle is one of my favorite¬†Resident Evil locales of all time, and now it’s a bit more involved in the Resident Evil 4 remake, with several new areas and twists to navigate. One of them is the room with the “sword and gong puzzles,” which actually funnel into each other. Here’s how to solve both and continue on your way: saving some precious ammo in the process!

Pick up all the swords from the panels on the wall

As soon as you enter the room you can grab all three swords off the wall.

These are in the incorrect spots, so just get them all at once: there’s no inventory space to worry about. You’ll be placing them all back on the wall in different spots soon enough.

Ring the gongs to uncover the bloodied sword

Turn left and look into the room behind the metal gate. You’ll need to ring three gongs to get in.

The first is on the left of the grate itself: pull the lever/chain. Then you’ll want to hit the bird and snake gongs with your pistol. The gate will open, and you can get the bloodied sword. Doing this correct the first time will save you ammo and some trial and error.

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Put all the swords back in their correct spots

Now, you’ll take all four swords you collected and place them in their correct spots on the wall.

Here’s a quick breakdown, from left to right:

  • The knight on the far left – iron/steel (a sharpened blade for a warrior)
  • The king knighting another knight – gold (ceremonial)
  • The battle scene – bloodied sword (mid-battle)
  • The grave – rusted sword (left for years)

How to solve the chandelier room gong puzzle

Immediately after entering the sword puzzle door, you’ll enter an area on an upper floor that has gongs and chandeliers. To get to the next area, you’ll want to turn left after arriving into the room and pull the lever/chain for the gong. Then jump on the chandelier closest to the door, and turn left after you leap over. Pull that lever/chain too.

The way up will open!

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