How to solve God of War Ragnarok’s Myrkr Tunnels water wheel puzzle

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God of War Ragnarok is even bigger than its predecessor, which means there are even more quests, hunts, and puzzles than ever before. There’s a series of recurring puzzles in the game that involve finding the solution with a water wheel, and of those prominent puzzles is found during one of the main quests known as Forging Destiny. The aim of this quest is to secure Kratos’ third and final weapon, the Draupnir Spear, and the first step of the mission is to simply find a path to the surface out of the Myrkr Tunnels.

A puzzling start

The start of the quest finds Kratos leaving Svartalfheim, and entering the new region of the aforementioned tunnels. Once you solve the Twilight Stones puzzle and defeat Bergsra, you should find yourself in a room with two large water wheels, sealed off on either side by gates. Focusing on the water wheel on the left side of the room from where you enter, you’ll need to use your axe to freeze the trough, which is hanging from the ceiling, directly over the spokes of the wheel. This will cause water to spill from the trough, which will make the water wheel start turning.

Follow Freya through the newly opened gate and the subsequent tunnels, killing any enemies you encounter along the way. Proceed through the tunnels until you find a chain hanging down, and use it to climb up to a platform. Interact with the mechanism, and it will rotate another trough into place.

Onto part two

Return to the room you started in with the water wheels. At the gate opposite the one you opened previously, you should look up and see another trough hanging from the ceiling, parallel to the one you froze on the other side of the room. Follow that trough slightly to the right, where there should be another trough right above it that’s situated perpendicularly. Create a seal at the higher trough just over where it would intersect with the lower trough, then throw your Leviathan Axe at it. This should get the water flowing from the higher trough into the lower trough.

The final step is using your axe again to freeze the part of the lower trough that is right over the spokes of the water wheel, which will allow the water to spill down, the wheel to start turning, and the gate to raise. Voila, that’s your way out. Puzzle complete.

One more tip if you’re stuck: listen to the character dialogue, because they usually do a good job of giving you subtle hints as to what to do next if you’re lingering. If all else fails, you can always go into the accessibility menus and turn on some settings that will make God of War Ragnarok‘s puzzles more manageable.

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