How to search for the Snidgets in Hogwarts Legacy

Another puzzle

Right after entering the ruins in Poppy’s questline in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll have to actually solve a puzzle in those ruins. Here’s how to continue the search for the Snidgets and get through the rest of the quest.

How to finish the block puzzle in the search for the Snidgets quest in Hogwarts Legacy

This puzzle has a few steps, but they’re very simple. The key is activating each cube after you place it with an appropriate spell.

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Step 1: Grab the fire block from the shelf directly to your left (on your way into the room)

As you enter the room, turn left, and cast Revelio to make the key objectives easier to see. Grab that fire cube off the shelf and either leave it where you stand or move it into the red fire slot on the ground.

Step 2: Grab the crate, move it to the other side, climb up, and move the ice (purple) block

Move the crate from the left side of the room to the right side (the opposite end).

You can jump directly on the crate and pull yourself up, but if you have issues, you can also cast Levioso on the crate: and jump up to it while it’s in mid-air. Once you’re up there, grab the ice (purple) cube and move it to the main floor below it.

Step 3: Put each block in their respective slots

Put the fire block in the fire spot on the ground, and the purple ice block into its purple slot.

Step 4: Cast a fire spell on the fire block, and an ice spell on the purple block

Cast a fire spell on the fire block while it’s placed (we used Confringo), and an ice spell (Glacius) on the purple ice block.

After that the doors will open, and you can finish up the quest.

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